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A beautiful patio can completely transform your outdoor space, creating an inviting area for relaxation and entertaining. But before you break ground, choosing the right installer is crucial. A qualified professional will ensure your patio is built to last, meets local regulations, and complements your home’s style.

Before hiring a patio installer in Hertfordshire, you should check the professional’s licence, insurance and experience.

What should you check before hiring a patio installer?

Here are five essential checks to make before hiring a patio installer.

Licensing and insurance


Verify the installer holds a valid contractor’s licence. This ensures they meet qualifications and have passed relevant exams. You can check licence validity online through your area’s licensing board website.


Ensure the installer has general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. General liability insurance protects you from financial responsibility in case of property damage or injuries during construction. Worker’s compensation covers the installer’s crew in case of accidents. Feel free to ask for copies of their insurance certificates and verify their coverage details.

Experience and reputation


Look for an installer with experience building patios similar to your vision. Ask about past projects, materials used, and the scope of their work.


Read online reviews on platforms like Google My Business or the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Ask the installer for references and contact past clients for a first hand perspective on their work ethic, quality, and communication style.

Project details and contract

Detailed quote

Obtain a written quote outlining the project scope, materials, labour costs, timeline, and payment schedule. The quote should be specific and avoid vague terminologies.

Contract review

Have a lawyer review the contract before signing. It should specify details like warranties on materials and artistry, the dispute resolution process, and termination clauses in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Permits and local regulations


Building a patio may require permits in some areas. Discuss permit needs with the installer and clarify who will handle the application process.

Local regulations

Ensure the installer is familiar with local building codes and any restrictions regarding your patio’s materials, size, or placement.

Communication and availability

Communication style

Choose an installer you feel comfortable communicating with. Ask questions, discuss concerns, and ensure they actively listen and address your needs.


Discuss the installer’s availability and project timeline. Ensure they can dedicate time to complete your project without unnecessary delays.

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